Austrian Imperial Crown finished

Its finally done.

This project took me the better part of the last 3 weeks to finish in my spare time. It was an exercise in modeling and anĀ  exploration into the possibilities of luxrender, especially now as the new version 0.6 is almost there.

This project will form now the base for some upcoming breakdowns of several aspects mainly aimed at luxrenders material system. So stay tuned …

As always the project files are all downloadable from my 3D showroom. But one word of caution. This is a huge project in terms of needed resources during rendering. It will use up to 3.7 Gb of memory when rendered in full resolution ( 1600×2000 ). The mesh setup alone takes 1.2 Gb. This means that you must have a 64bit version of lux running to be able to actually rerender it. Just browsing it in blender should be fine with a 32 bit version as well.

7 thoughts on “Austrian Imperial Crown finished”

  1. That must be Arnold Schwarzenegger crown in Los Angeles

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    What about posting your materials in in material database?

    1. I like it better when the voice is stronger and truer, with many years of experience behind than when the voice is too young and not ready. I think we often overlook the later bloomers who often times have much more wisdom to offer. I’m so glad that I found you, and I think this post is beautiful.happy birthday!

    2. Well, this just made me homesick! I'm originally from Atlanta, though I have to admit that if I had to choose somewhere to live that it would probably be right where we are in Copenhagen. Next on my list would be Spain again or maybe Seattle in the States.

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