Ara’s Tale at the Blender Conference 2012

Yesterday I got confirmation from Ton Roosendaal, that my proposed talk about the production of Ara’s Tale ( Challenges and Production Insights of Single-Handedly Making a Short) is accepted.

Yeah :)

I hope to be able to talk to some of  you fellow blenderheads there in person :)

And now I just hope that Ara’s Tale gets into the official selection for the suzanne film festival …

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4 Responses to Ara’s Tale at the Blender Conference 2012

  1. Christoph Pöhller aka Dracio says:

    This is gread news :D

    not that great is that i am unabel to see it :( cause of my job but I am of couse on tne live stream :D

  2. ijay says:

    Martin, I watched your presentation at the Blender conference by live stream yesterday. I really enjoyed the presentation. You gave very good advice on how to make it through to the end of a project. I especially liked the point about completing it one percent at a time.

    I just went back and watched your movie again having first watched it when it was released. I found I enjoyed it even better this time mainly because I sat back and just watched it rather than checking out the technical accomplishments which I did the first time. As a story and production it is really high quality. You should be very proud of what you achieved.

    Regards, ijay

    • loramel says:

      Thanks ijay

      Unfortunately 30 minutes are a bit short for what I really wanted to say :).

      I am somewhat proud and, maybe more importantly, satisfied with the final movie.

      What disappointed me (quite a bit), was that the movie wasn’t nominated for the suzanne awards. As I see it now, I would say the voting system in its current form is wide open for social media (facebook etc) ‘voting attacks’.

      But well …

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