Finished 3D Works

Please have a look at the license page for the proper use of the files downloadable here.

Ara’s Tale (2012)

My first animated short film, done over the course of 3 years. Its production process is documented here on my blog, just filter by ‘Ara’s Tale’ to get all posts.
Produced in the spirit of an open movie, all the production assets are available under a CC-BY license. See the announcement.

To view the movie go to Ara’s Tale Official Movie Site

Austrian Imperial Crown (2009/2011)

Done as exercise in modeling and luxrender’s material system.

Modeled in blender 2.48a, rendered with luxrender 0.6rc1

Tonemapping done with qtpfsgui using the reinhard02 method.

blend files + textures ( 20 MB )

If you intend to render this project yourself, you must have a 64bit system, as lux will use ~3.7Gb of memory during rendering !

The Other Day in The Forest (2009)

Workflow comparison between blender and luxrender

Blender Internal


rendered with luxrender cvs from 03-02-2009

blend files + textures (low res) (21MB)

Bubbles (2008)

This was my entry to the luxrender v0.6 splash screen competition.

Rendered with luxrender cvs from 22-12-2008.
blend file (packed, 4.5MB)

The Other Side (2008)

First test with luxrender. Composited from 2 full renders.

blend file (packed, 15MB)

Threesome (2008)

Threesome - BWC 2008

My entry for the Blender World Cup 2008

Blender internal render.

blend file (packed, scene setup, 44MB)

blend file (packed, compositor setup, 61KB)

Sky Lake City / Power Plant (2008)

My entries for the nvart artspace competition at cgtalk. The topic was the combination of architecture and nature.

both images Blender internal render

sky lake city blend file [38MB]

power plant blend file [8MB]

Overdose (2008)

My entry for the weekend challenge #278. The topic was ‘Overdose’

Blender internal render

blend file [4MB]

The One Ring (2007)

My entry for the weekend challenge #273. The topic was ‘Legendary’

Blender internal render

Xmas Lighting Challenge (2007)

My entries for the Lighting Challenge #13

These challenges are hosted by Jeremy Birn at cgtalk at provide a great opportunity to improve ones lighting skills.

First image is Blender internal render, the second one rendered with yafray. The modelling was done mainly by Jeremy Birn, with some minor additions by myself.

scene blend file [29MB]

compositor blend file [29K]

The Dawn of Aibokind (2007)

My entry for the Blender World Cup 2007.

Blender internal render

blend file [5MB]

The rules were to create an image based on four topics: Nature, Ditant Future, Religion, Discovery.

The following story is associated to this image

Distant Future.

The era of mankind has long been over and left the planet in a desolate state. It’s a barren wasteland.

In the last stages of mankind Sony produced the 8th generation Aibo pets, then (to more closely simulate real pets) outfitted with a basic A.I and more important the ability to reproduce. These pets turned out to be quite endurable as they were the sole survivors of the big cataclysm so to be followed.

Over time they evolved and and reached a state of self awareness. And with this now the old questions were asked by these descendents of pets:

Where do I come from. Was there a creator, a god ?

Myths began to build about wise omnipotent creators, long gone from this world. That lead to the rise of a crude type of religion, worshiping the still shapeless creators.

Until, by chance and circumstance, far out in the wide sandy plains a relic is found. Rumors spread and ingnited discussions among the people, until a high priest and his students are sent out to investigate and to prove the true holy nature of the relic ……

True Love (2007)

My entry for the weekend challenge #273 at

Again it scored first place 🙂

Blender internal render

No blend files at the moment, because it uses the old particle system it does not correctly import with the actual blender 2.46

Replica (2007)

A project for experimenting with the sculpt tool (helmet), skin texturing and static particles (feathers, hair)

Blender internal render

No blend files at the moment, because it uses the old particle system it does not correctly import with the actual blender 2.46

Nightmare (2007)

My entry for the weekend #239 challenge at

Blender internal render

It won this challenge 🙂

No blend files at the moment, because it uses the old particle system for the hair and it does not correctly import with the actual blender 2.46

The Encounter (2007)

This is a description

Entry for the Blender F1 2007 Challenge

My first real blender project. It scored 8th place.

Blender internal render

blend files

16 thoughts on “Finished 3D Works”

  1. Dazzling beautiful works of art ! First-class rendering work, incredibly beautiful and perfect.
    As a special case, I was much impressed by the work on the Austrian Imperial Crown.
    I wonder if you would allow me to use it, in small size, as an award icone in one of my photography groups in flickr. The address above as website is just one example of one of my groups, The Essence. But I am about to create a new group with the name The Imperial Gallery and your work would make a magnificent award. The size of the award will be around 250 x 150 pixels, so I could easily download it from here, but I would rather have your permission first.
    Ronaldo Serio de Almeida

  2. These renders are awesome! I think I’ve seen some in the official Luxrender Gallery, right?

    Good luck with your short movie.

  3. Beautiful work.
    I wonder if you would be interested in exhibiting in my gallery that I am opening end of this month in the South of France, in Finestret?
    I used to have a digital arts gallery in Los Angeles, in Marina del Rey, the Float gallery.
    If you are interested please contact me that we can discuss your participation
    Yves Bodson
    on FB yves bodson and Fine Street Arts gallery.

  4. Hi,

    Some marvelous model around here, good job. I really love “the other day in forest”. I’ll download and try to make materials to work with Thea render and made some render as i’m on hollyday, and i find this model so cute.

    I’ll post my result soon to let see your model rendered by somebody else.

    See you.

    1. Thanks Warnotte

      Thats cool to hear. Its certainly interesting to see what others can do with these models. I am certainly interested to see how the forest scene comes out of thea.

    1. Thanks Barry. You are very welcome.

      Your scene with the stacked snails is hilarious :). Great work and very entertaining to see the snail used in such a cool way.

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