Luxrender observations – part III – postponed

During preparation of the final part of my luxrender observations I found out, that I had to learn quite some more about luxrender before continuing in a sensible way.

So I postpone the final part and use my current project ( luxrender forum wip, blender artists forum wip) to learn more about the material system and render options lux has to offer. By then version 0.6 should be ready.

So stay tuned …

Author: loramel


One thought on “Luxrender observations – part III – postponed”

  1. hi 🙂

    I am a software developer and I do digital graphic development since it exists.
    The latest years I have partially left the creation on this field due to much work on other fields.
    I also work on recreating Luxrender port able to function without the need of libboost, so it will be a “legacy” version able to fit everywhere, but as you may understand, because it is at the Open Source and there is no profit, I put it at low priority.
    I am impressed by your work, you are a real artist and I wanted to express it.


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