Ara’s Tale – Color/Mood tests

Color Test

I tried several approaches to get the colors the way I want them to be.

See above a test with a more red bottom.

I did also a test with a different color approach. See here


Then I decided to introduce the dragon to see if my inner vision actually fits the colors done so far. This whole testing then made me decide to let the color tests unfinished for the time being.

I think the priorities right now do not lie on too detailed color tests. These will come again when texturing, lighting and compositing comes into play. I will revisit the colors then.

I think I will now concentrate on the actual design of Ara and the dragon, as well as starting with the 3d animatics to get the shots/camera moves done.

Actual status
18:35 Concept Art
1:16 Research
1:16 2d-art
4:30 Script
21:25 Storyboard
45:46 Total

Anyway here two more color tests this time with the dragon

Color Test Dragon 1env_color_03_b

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