Ara’s Tale – more dragon designs

Dragon design sideview

The dragon is now nearing its completion – design wise. I concentrated on the head and tried several approaches with the above one being the design I am quite satisfied so far.

As this sketch will now be used for actual modeling, I had to do a top view too, and this turned out to be harder than expected. Suddenly I had to draw exact and correlate the top view to the existing side view – this was tedious work for me.

See here for the result


I guess actually modeling this beast will be quite an adventure, not to mention animating …

Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Ara’s Tale – more dragon designs”

  1. This is probably one of the most awesome dragon designs i’ve ever seen. I hope you don’t mind, but i’m going to use your pencil sketches to design the hilt for a sword, which, when it’s done, i’ll post on my site. Also, i thought you should know, i’m going to link it to this page and i’m not making money from it, so that shouldn’t breach any copywrite you may have on the pics.

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