Back from Vacation

Video Editing

I am now back from my vacation in croatia – with lots of video footage to be edited and put to a watchable dvd.

I decided to use blender for the deinterlacing, editing and creation of the mpeg2 streams. QDVDAuthor will be used to create the final DVD.

After that I hope to get me back (and to scrape enough time together) on continuing Ara’s Tale.

Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Back from Vacation”

  1. Are you happy with the results of working with Blenders VSE and the quality of your final videos?

    I’ve put some tests on my wordpress site. Would be interesting to here your valued comments on it and your experiences with your video?

    Good luck with your short film btw

    1. For my holiday videos it is quite ok. The demands there are not very high on my side.

      During post production of Ara’s Tale I will see if the VSE delivers the quality I hope for. But as there is no external video footage involved I guess there shouldn’t be any quality issues.

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