Modeling the Dragon

Dragon head wire

I entered the modeling phase now. To be precise I started modeling the dragon’s head.

As said before, modeling is my weakest point, and I have spent already ~14 hrs for this head model alone. This is just the basic shape with all the details I want to have in without sculpting. Teeth are missing too.

The head will be the part of the dragon where some extreme closeups shots will be seen, so the detailing should begin already with the mesh. Later on sculpting and most importantly texturing will add even more details.

I am quite satisfied so far, as I managed to match my design quite well and it looks fine as 3d model too.

I reserve mesh cleanups and tweaks for the rigging/skinning phase, as I am sure this will trigger mesh changes.

Although the dragon won’t be much animated, there are certain areas where I will try to portray the dragon’s emotions – eyes, lids, nostrils and front snout. I also crudely tested the jaw movement as this will of course animated too.

Next will be to model the rest of the body. The level of detail is certainly lower there, so I am curious how I will cope with it.

dragon modeling

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3 thoughts on “Modeling the Dragon”

  1. Awesome work so far. I’ve spent a week modeling a dragon head for a boat bow head of a “Drakkar” Viking sort of boat and so far, well… It looks more like a dove than a dragon. I not that of a good modeler yet. Will you share your .blend file for us n00wbs to learn from?

    1. Thanks PI.

      As with all my bigger projects, I plan to provide some material, if not all, for download here from my site.
      But this will be some time after finishing the short, so just have a bit of patience :).

  2. Good one. Can you share the tutorial to make this dragon. Because I need a tutorial to learn modeling dragon using blender. Thank you

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