Animation for scene 1 completed

I am proud to say, that the principal animation for scene 1 of Ara’s Tale is finished.

I redid shot 2 and animated shot 1 (only the dancing lights) which will act as backdrop for the title before leading into the movie.

And to celebrate a little I have done again a very basic cloth simulation and put all the shots together, which now results in the most complete animation of Ara’s Tale so far 🙂

There might be still some polishing, but overall this scene is finished. So, these 5 shots took me 54 hrs in total to animate, done over the course of 14 days. It will be interesting to see how long I will have to work for the other 38 shots. Just doing simple arithmetic leads me to another 410 hrs of animation over 110 days. If I want to keep my internal deadline of october 2010 this will be quite a challenge.

I have now learned enough to appreciate that some of the shots ahead will be very demanding, while other should turn be relatively easy. A big unknown will be the dragon, but that will be done in the end.

Anyway here is scene 1

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4 thoughts on “Animation for scene 1 completed”

  1. The skirt looks amazing in some frames, but imperfect in others, ie where the leg pokes through.
    I am not sure how noticeable this is though, to non animators! 🙂

    1. You are right, but the skirt right now is only a placeholder for the real cloth simulation which starts once the animation is finished. I will also revise the modeling of the skirt itself once I start seriously working on the cloth simulation.

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