Climbing up – Scene 1 shot 04

Scene 1 shot 4 is mostly done. This time I had to figure out how to climb a steep staircase.

Allthough I knew I had to plan the animation properly I again got distracted by the mechanics of a stepping cycle. To put the real animation on top of the stepping cycle was some additional work I could have avoided. I will see how I fare in the next shots.

Nonetheless the result isn’t too bad.

With now 3 shots animated (okay scene 1 shot02 has to be redone) I did a rough test on editing and cutting these 3 shots for the opening sequence.

What I had seen during animation of the individual shots, was that each shot was in effect longer than the planned sequence in the storyreel animatic. If the ratio was to hold true for each shot, the final movie would suddenly be at ~7min runtime with all the effects on total render time and such.

Now with the first editing, the time is down again. not exactly as the initial planning but close. Lesson learned here is, that the context gives the timing and pacing. A single shot is a context in itself and seems to demand more runtime.

And again, to avoid unnecessary animation a good planning and rough blocking could be of some help here.

See here now for the first edited 3 shot sequence

Author: loramel


5 thoughts on “Climbing up – Scene 1 shot 04”

  1. looks fantastic! great!

    how do you display the frame and the time in the bottom left corner of the screen. is there a trick in blender?

  2. Thanks Martin.

    The display of frame time etc is a normal feature of blender. In the Render Panel (F10) there is a tab called ‘Stamp’ (usually grouped with the ‘Format’ tab). It has one button ‘Enable Stamp’.
    Once enabled you can choose from a lost of options to be ‘stamped’ into each frame. Be sure to enable ‘Draw Stamp’ too.

  3. Simply startling! I can hardly wait for the whole thing!
    Somehow I wish, I had the talent and endurance (OK, better put it the other way round) to do such a herculean task…

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