Rework and Polish on Shots and Storytelling

Based on very valuable input and feedback from Richard Culver and Germano Martin I spent quite some time reworking some of the shots and editing.

The basic idea here is to get more involved with Ara. To let the viewer feel what she feels and thus pulling one into the story. Richard and Germano made some very good points and suggested various changes and/or additions. Based on this input I stepped back a little and tried to get a fresh point of view for the project. Now I have to add a ‘Special Thanks’ section to the credits 🙂

And so I reworked the existing shots. The technical aspect to this journey was that I had to figure out the best way for me to shoot from different cameras but using the same animation. And additionally all potentially baked physics should be calculated only once as long as the animation is the same.

I ended up using a scene for each camera and linked in the animation and objects I needed. A time sink here was some glitch/bug in the asset linking mechanism, which prevented me from easily importing my camera rig more than once, even if I appended it. I had to rearrange (in terms of asset linking) all files, where I wanted to have more than one camera angle. This turned out to be quite a lot.

Work on the rest of the animation has progressed too and I have now about 3/4 of all the shots animated. I do have a list of open polishing todos though.

Here is the reworked version of the first 3,5 min of the current reel

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2 thoughts on “Rework and Polish on Shots and Storytelling”

  1. Hi

    I was lucky today to came across your Blog and find your work here very helpful and time saving ,, currently I’m working on a short animation and I was struggling to but the whole picture together,, your discussion you, travellingmatt and Richard Culver in blenderartists was very useful..

    Thank you very much for sharing this experience.


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