Shot Comparison

A small update just to show off what a little modeling/sculpting can do to a shot.

It may be common knowledge, but for me its my first movie project and I am just amazed how dramatically the shot changed by just substituting the blocked environment with a fully modeled and sculpted one. The changes are so big in fact, that I may have to revisit some of the camera settings in the other shots to better deal with the added detail. A very intriguing process.

I wonder if the effects when applying the textures, proper lighting and compositing are as huge as this one.

I have put together a video which shows shot 3 simultaneously in the two versions.
Keep in mind that only basic modeling and scultping was done. Lighting setup is nearly non existent, just to be able to see something 🙂

Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Shot Comparison”

  1. Looking good. I think the main change is that with the shadows in the rendered version, the character no longer stands out from the background. Maybe a bit of rim light from the right of the shot to pull her out a bit?

    1. Thanks Ben

      I regard to the lighting you are correct of course, but then there is no real lighting currently applied. Just a simple spot and a hemi to be able to see something. The lighting phase will be a huge task once the modeling/sculpting and texturing is all in place.

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