More eyes and some facial scultping

A small update here.

I worked a bit more on the eyes and started to put some facial features on Ara’s face. I used the current SOC sculpt branch from graphicall for the sculpting and I am quite pleased with the tools which get developed there – very great improvement going on here.

After the still image from the last post I wanted to see the eyes in action and since I have a shot where you see an extreme closeup of the eye I put some crude lights into the scene and got the shot rendered.

There is only the normal map active an Ara’s face and a basic lambert shader for the skin. The eyes are fully textured now. The lighting right now is a pain and you better ignore it, but I didn’t want to go into the lighting just now.

I am going to rest the project for the coming weekend as I am going to visit Arco in Italy, which is a great place for climbing. I will not do any climbing myself, but the rock walls there are spectacular and coming just right for building up my texture library for steep canyon walls.

I will post some images when I am back again.

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