Cloth, Hair and Cliffs

Here is a small testshot of the entry scene highlighting the areas of work I did during the last weeks, mainly cloth simulation, hair and environment texturing.

The lighting used here is a bit more than basic and gives a better idea of the mood for this scene. But its only simple lighting, no render layers and no compositing or color correction.

Cloth simulation looks ok now and will be used for the final. The hair looks ok but still needs some more attention, but I am relieved to have it somewhat working. The environment texturing is close to final for the principal textures, only some more subtle coloring will be added.

Whats still missing is texturing/shading of Ara and her dress.

Right now one frame from this shot has a rendertime of 56 seconds in full resolution (1920×1080) on my amd quadcore system. This makes me optimistic to reach my goal of ~4 min per frame. An Interesting side note here is that the preparation time before the rendering itself is starting is 30 secs, so the actual rendertime is 26 secs. As the preparation time does not take advantage of multiple cpus this is a value which does not scale with more cpus.

Right now my time tracker is at 736 hrs and still counting:

5:34 01-Script
43:54 02-Storyboard
73:54 03-Concept Art
14:48 04-Animatics
121:20 05-Modeling
76:04 06-Rigging
171:30 07-Animation
65:21 08-Texturing
54:51 09-Simulation
10:10 10-Project Management
98:53 11-Research
736:19 Total

Its good to see all the single parts put together into a small shot. Whats even better, is that it gets exactly the mood and look I had in mind when I started this whole project. This is very satisfying and helps bear the sometimes difficult times during production of this short.

The shot was rendered at 75% of the full resolution, so do yourself a favour and view it fullscreen.

Author: loramel


5 thoughts on “Cloth, Hair and Cliffs”

  1. i really like this project. very cool! 😉
    when you are interested in producing your own film like me there are so many cool tips, tricks and experiences here that are worth a mint.

    thank you very much for all of them. I wish you good luck and the strength/power to finish this project.

    1. Thanks a lot Roland.

      I am glad you find the posts here of some use. And if you are planning to start your own movie I wish you all the best for your project.

      From your email address I guess your from Austria too. Any chance your are in the vicinity of innsbruck ?

  2. I told you before, i really enjoy what you’re doing here ! i keep an eye on Loramel and i hope it will be finished as soon as possible ! Beautiful work Roland.

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