Makeup Session

A quick update only.

I started to texture Ara’s face. The shader itself is only a plain lambert shader where I use some color maps to preview the painting result.

To have some guidance later in the texturing process, I rendered out a test render with the current state of texturing and than I started doing paintovers in gimp. These experiments are not finished, but I wanted to show one result of these tests.

I will use some sort of multi layered SSS skin shader but I have to experiment a bit with these to see how to approach the painting of the different skin layers to get the desired end result.

Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Makeup Session”

  1. Hey Martin, looking good! The eyes in particular are really great! Regarding the skin, what kind of look are you aiming for? Right now it’s a little more like a “porcelin doll” look, but I’m sure you’re still experimenting. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Todd !

      Yes, right now its the very beginning of my experimenting phase. The look I am aiming for is to give Ara a soft, fragile but still healthy appearance with colors a bit subdued and on the light side.

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