Production Progress

I thought this would never happen, but slowly something like a production routine is taking hold of Ara’s Tale.

For the past days I was busy working on finalizing 5 more shots and could actually reuse knowledge gained from the previous shots. I now know for the current setup how to achieve the desired effects and how to setup the lighting and needed render layers. The same is true for working with the compositor, where I can now reuse a lot of node groups and techniques created so far.

That doesn’t mean, that its now an automated procedure, but there are no detours and breaks due to unwanted surprises along the road ( … so far 🙂 ). I can now concentrate more on the look and feel and not bother so much with the technical aspects.

I plan to do 5 more shots and then release a preview of the first 80 secs, which I think will conclude the publicly shown shots.

Depending on the material, there might be some positive effect of doing a teaser/trailer. This could be used as test bed for the collaboration with my sound and music experts, but that really depends on their time schedule and possibilities.

Here are frames from each of the 5 shots I have done the last days. These stills are taken directly from the shots. The resolution of these shots is currently 720p.

shot 3b

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