Changes and Promises

Allthough I haven’t done any updates here on my blog, work on Ara’s Tale has continued. Details a bit later, first an announcement.

Circumstances have led to a change of the composition of the team. Leeran Z. Raphaely, responsible for the music so far, will not be able to continue work on the score anymore. A big thank you to Leeran for all his input so far. Check out his site, he is a very capable and promising composer.

Taking up the workload of developing the score is now Philippe Rey, a french composer, who has followed the development of Ara’s Tale in a passive role. This role is now an active one, and a very active one indeed ! A big welcome to the team, Phil.

The work behind the scenes included the start of detailing, modelling and scultping the main set. Progress is a bit slow right now, but that has a reason.

Parallel to this I have edited a short teaser from the material I have so far. This teaser is a first real testdrive for the sound/music collaboration. One of its goals is to find a workflow suitable for everone involved and still guaranteeing high efficiency. This goal is reached quite well so far.

The other goal is to use this teaser to gain a bit more of presence and make Ara’s Tale known to more people out there. Visuals are locked, score is ready and the sound fx are being worked on hard. So the coming week will probably see us working on the final mix, and if all goes well the teaser will be released still in 2010. So stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Changes and Promises”

  1. I think you have done a fantastic job with the little girl’s facial expressions. Is there a real little girl you are using to base the character on. She is very life-like. Superb!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Vickie.
      No, I did not use a real life girl as model, at least not consciously :). I did some concept drawing but Ara changed considerably during the modeling phase. I tried to base the facial animations on countless observations in real life, including me and my daughters.

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