More shots done

Progress is quite good so far. Since my last post, I managed to finish 5 more shots. If I can keep this pace, 2011 might actually be a realistic goal.

But I have already opened a new box full of surpises, which holds the potential to delay the progress indefinitely: I am exploring the possibilities of the new blender smoke simulation.

And as with all the simulations, you have to test and test and test …

Going through some tutorials helps of course, but in the end you have to know what to do, to achieve the desired effect for a shot. In the shots where the ledge is shown the first time, I made use of the smoke simulation to show rising mist coming from below.

As stated in my last post, there will be no new animations to show, but this time I give you a glimpse and show you frames directly from the actual shots:

and now, time to do some more lighting …

Author: loramel


8 thoughts on “More shots done”

    1. Thanks ijay.

      The rocks were done using a particle system, where the particles are displayed as objects out of a group using random pick, size and rotation.
      I used a painted vertex group for the density of the particles, with this I can actually paint the rocks onto the ground.

  1. Beautiful!! That first shot really blew me away, this is coming out really nicely! Way to go man! The only tiny crit I would have would be the scattered rocks and pebbles could use a tiny bit of backlighting…

  2. Looking great. I hadn’t checked in on your progress in a little while and these latest shots are looking really nice. I’m looking forward to seeing the film!

    1. Thanks Ben

      Yeah, I like the latest shots as well, if I may say so :). It will be still some time before the beast is finished, though.
      And just today I got notice about a development I had almost given up on, which will further slow down the progress. But this will be a separate post once its confirmed 😉

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