30 down – 30 more to go

That means visually Ara’s Tale has reached 50% completion.

The last 3 shots where very demanding in various aspects and thus took much longer than anticipated.

One shot is a camera move starting from an extreme closeup on Ara going back all the way until she is seen standing on the platform and a vista of the canyon below. This created interesting challenges in lighting and compositing.

Another topic was to create believable moving mist.

In the end I used alpha mapped live footage from various clouds around mountains. Developing a proper workflow for creating usable alpha mapped shots in various speeds took some time, but now they are ready to be used in some of the following shots.

It’s just funny that as soon as there are interesting cloud formations, I get this overwhleming urge to fetch my DSLR and shoot more footage …

Anyway here are some stills from the new shots done.The one used as top image is another one.

The last two shots are also the first shots of Ara’s song. Three more shots and this sequence is ready and Phil can work on composing the song, which will be sung by a young soprano singer I have fortunately be able to get an agreement with.

And after that … its time to start finalizing the dragon. So prepare for some texturing posts in the future …


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