Blender/Mari Diary #2

A bit late, but here it is. My second installment of the Blender/Mari diary, this time done as a screencast.

This video highlights the workflow I was using to enhance and repaint the texture for part of the main set ( the platform where Ara stands ). The used texture resolution/UV Layout was not high enough for a closeup shot of the cage, where the floor occupies a significant amount of screen space, resulting in a blurred render. The approach used here is to rebake the texture to a new UV layout and fill in the details inside Mari.

Working with Mari and blender in this way is pure fun. The workflow and handling inside Mari still amazes me and I find myself often to just paint ( unnecessary things 😉 ) just for the fun of it.

I already dread the day when my extended demo license wears off ( still 145 days left 🙂 )

It’s my very first screencast and I now have a new respect for all the quality tutorials out there on the web. To get a halfway decent video you have to put in quite some amount of work.

For this screencast, I first recorded the video in various pieces and later on did a voice over. This leads to some minor inconsistencies, but I hope its not too distracting. Yet another area where I have to find a better solution … 🙂

Ok, here we go. The video is available in HD (720p). If there is enough interest, I will host the file myself after vimeo has deleted the original resolution.


Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Blender/Mari Diary #2”

  1. Great video cast. I liked the pace you had through the tutorial and the description of the various steps. You may like to consider getting a pop filter to use in front of your mic as it eliminates noise in the recording from your breath and they don’t cost very much. What program did you use to capture the screen?

    1. Thanks ijay

      Well, my audio setup is very basic. Its a very cheap headset, just good enough for skype :), but thanks for the filter tip.

      The recording was done using ffmpeg directly, which worked extremely well. What I missed was a global display of pressed keys. I hope to find something for linux.

      The thing that kept me busy for a while was the editing and experimenting with various encoder settings to get the best quality/size ratio for the internet.

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