2 years or 4 minutes

Today it is exactly 2 years, that the first work on Ara’s Tale was started. It was a very (very)  rough sketch of Ara and the dragon (a shot which I have not shown here)  done in mypaint.

These 2 years translate to 1261 hrs of work which sounds impressive (if not even oppressive), or 4 minutes of finished edited movie, which sounds less impressive (but  even more oppressive) .

Now that I have 60% of the movie more or less finished visually ( and some preliminary music for some parts ) it starts to feel like a real film, something I actually enjoy watching. This in itself is hugely rewarding and gives enough motivation to tackle the next major part: bringing the dragon to real life.

In this post I have included 3 more images from the shots I’ve done recently.

For the dragon I plan to create some time lapse sculpting and texturing videos, which might be of interest and fun to watch.

There are still 3 minutes left to create, but those will be done much quicker and a release in 2011 is still targeted, although I will miss (again) the suzanne festival in october …

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