A small celebration …

… is due.

As I have just heard today, I won the blenderday award 2011. Or to be more precise, 3 sequences from Ara’s Tale got me the award.

Besides the fame and glory, the award comes with a price: a GTX 560i 2GB graphics card. Just the right stuff to tackle texturing the dragon with Mari 🙂

Ara’s Tale already scores its first award and isn’t even released yet 😉

So, now I will open my bottle of Ardbeg Renaissance ( reserved for special moments) and raise my glass to this nice surprise.

ps: for fans of single malt scotch whiskeys, this one is definitely one you should try.

Author: loramel


5 thoughts on “A small celebration …”

  1. Wow, congratulations for the award and for your huge work on Ara’s Tale! Having a virtual glass high for you… 🙂

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