Summer is ending yet again …

… and I see myself in the 3rd year of production of Ara’s Tale.

And similar to last year, summer was a phase of relatively low activity in regard to this project. RealLife(TM), health issues and the occasional freelance jobs contended heavily for my available time.

And yet, it seems that this slowdown was good. I feel renewed strength and motivation returning to tackle the remaining parts and eventually call Ara’s Tale finished.

Although I want to finish the movie, I also want to show some of the things I do, and that will slow things down a bit, but I think it is worth it. In particular I enjoy texturing the dragon and this is something I will be showing in an upcoming screencast.

This will definitely be the last fall, which sees production on Ara’s Tale. My estimates now are, that the final edited hires movie should be ready around end of December. The big unknown now is the audio part. Working on this will suddenly put a lot more emphasis on me being a director and producer. Especially the producer part is something quite new to me. There is for one part the upcoming recording of Ara’s Song with Julia Schaller. I have to organize and look for proper recording facilities, always with a minimum (aka zero) budget in mind :).

And depending on the time available of my sound team ( Phil and Mikkel) the score, sfx and final mix could take quite some time yet. I got a glimpse with last years teaser production, what this production phase will look like.

With this all said I have a very strong motivation to finally finish this long term project and I invite you all, to enjoy the upcoming last part of the voyage to Ara’s Tale.


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