Blender – Mari Diary #5

I apologize for the long delay before uploading the promised bump painting timelapse.

Two events have caused the delay:

  1. the update to the new kubuntu 11.10 version
  2. me having a brand new nexus s smartphone

Number 2 obviously and predictably takes away a lot of time :), but number 2 was unexpected and extremely tiresome.

I do not want to start a rant here, but lets just say: if you are planning an upgrade to the next ubuntu version, just wait a bit before doing so, especially if you are using the kdepim suite.

Well, back on topic.

This (most certainly) last installment for a long time of my blender/mari diary series shows parts of my bump painting workflow I used for the dragon’s head. Unfortunately some parts do not show very well on the video, but I think you will get the idea.

I have now finished painting the eyes and have to tweak the dragon’s mesh a bit for the eyes to fit best, now that they are properly textured.

The above mentioned obstacles cost me almost 2 weeks, with various glitches still surfacing all the time, but I am back on track, albeit a bit slowly …


Author: loramel


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