Dragon Ready for Production

After a lot of time texturing and shading this beast, I have now reached a point where I am ready to use the dragon for production.

There will be two shots where additional tweaking will be necessary but for all the other dragon shots I have now reached a usable state.

There are still some issues, but these are mainly visible in still images. I also did a quick test animation to see how the dragon behaves when its moving.

The lighting is basic and there is no SSS used in this animation, but I am quite satisfied with the overall result. It will work very well in the shots I have to do.

And now, finally, I can really work on those remaining shots …


Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Dragon Ready for Production”

  1. Hi,
    I feel obliged to write how excellent work you have done! 🙂 I haven’t enjoyed with Blender and 3D graphics for very long time however I regularly look in here to see the progress with Ara’s Tale. I’m waiting impatiently for the dragon in action with fully-applied effects and lighting!

    Best regards,

    P.S. The eyes look very nice. I can imagine dragon’s bloodcurdling sinister gaze 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Mateusz !

      It helps a lot keeping up the motivation to finish this whole beast.

      For the full lighting and effects to be seen you will have to be a bit patient, as this will only be seen once the final movie is released.

      But now that the dragon is ready my progress on the remaining shots is fine.

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