Everything that has a Beginning …

… has an end.

After 180 exciting days working with and exploring Mari, the extended demo license finally expired today.

It was a fantastic experience and helped immensely during the work on Ara’s Tale. The textures would have looked different (and my state of health too), if I hadn’t had the chance to give Mari this extensive testing.

For Ara’s Tale, there is no more texturing work to be done, so I am quite happy with it.

And I also know for sure now, where one of my favorite areas of CG lies.

And finally I like to give a big Thank You to Jack Greasley from the Foundry for supporting me and giving me the chance to work with state of the art tools.


Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Everything that has a Beginning …”

  1. Oh, I just checked the website and found out Mari is almost 2000 dollars 🙁
    I hope when it’s launched soon, that education licenses are more affordable, why most professional tools are so expensive, it’s either free like blender or super expensive for the average joe, I don’t see many intermediate prices

    Glad you could use it and learn a lot from it! hopefully you’ll continue tu use Mari with blender and share with all of us

    1. Oh, yes you are right. Last time I checked it was still at ~1200 USD or 850 EUR.

      Well, that just means to wait even longer to be able to buy a copy.

      For a big studio that price tag is certainly not an issue. But an educational or ‘poor artist’ license scheme would be very welcome indeed. I like e.g the way SideFx handles this with its Houdini free/cheap licenses.

      Currently I am enrolled in a cgworkshop for texture painting with Mari. A 10 week license is included here, so its some weeks more for me to get used to Mari 🙂

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