Glimpses at the Production

Confirmed by comments on my recent post, I will try to refrain as much as possible from displaying potential spoiler images.

As this would mean, to cease showing any images from now on, I thought I could give you some look ‘behind the scenes’ of the type of work I am mainly involved right now concerning Ara’s Tale.

This is especially for you, the small but constant number of followers of this project 😉

The typical workflow right now is to setup a shot for proper lighting and rendering and then render out the frames as multilayer EXR files.

Those are then fed into the compositor where the real lighting work is done.

During the setup on my current shots, I recognized, that this would be a perfect opportunity to show you, what I am doing here. And what’s best, without revealing essential parts of the core story.

Below you see a somewhat compressed look at how I typically setup the lighting and compositing and can follow the progress on an actual shot up t its ‘final’ result.

Well, almost final, as the result in this case is only the base for further VFX work. It is also relatively simple in comparison to other shots I have/had to do, so the total amount of time is short enough to be demonstrated here. ( parts are accelerated though )

Well, here is the screencast

and here is the final shot

Author: loramel


9 thoughts on “Glimpses at the Production”

    1. Thanks Milad.

      The only one I can suggest is ‘Compositing Visual Effects’ by Steve Wright. This gives a good idea on the topic.
      I also watched several tutorials for other packages, and her it was very clear that the compositing in blender has still some way to go ( that may get better now with the mango project).

  1. Thanks! I went to a store to check out the availability of that book, and it seems to be a very expensive one 🙁 But ah well.

    And yes, I’m pretty much doing the same thing, referring other softwares as well.

    1. Hm, amazon lists it here at 28 EUR, which in my eyes is not very expensive.

      Another one, and maybe more in depth, is ‘The Art and Science of Digital Compositing’ by Ron Brinckmann. As paperback the price shouldn’t be too high either.

    1. Now thats strange indeed.

      The price at amazon for the Brinckmann book is 42 EUR which is 2950 Rs
      Whereas the price for the animation cookbook is at 34 EUR which is 2390 Rs

      The price policy is not very transparent I would say …

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