Render !

Finally I have (virtually) pressed the big RENDER button on my render machine and with this I have started the last part of the visual voyage for Ara’s Tale.

Since my last post I have worked through all the remaining todo’s and checked each shot file for problems and consistency. Where I knew of better solutions to problems, I applied those to older shot files. I also consolidated all the naming conventions, which greatly eases the creation of various helper scripts for the final rendering.

It was a very interesting experience to go through all the files again and ensure that all my standards are adhered by each shot. This is where a real checklist comes in very handy.

While going through each shot, I did test renders and compositing for 1 or two frames and with this I kept track of the total estimate in rendertime and more importantly the final size of the renderpass files.

Now I know the exact numbers:

total rendertime : 350 hrs ( on my render machine)
total filesize : 2,4 TB

With this knowledge I have created scripts which will allow me to automate the render process almost to 100%. There is yet one problem to solve: I am short of ~250  GB of harddisk space, so I will have to get some more space. ( Unfortunately the harddisk prices have risen considerably since the disastrous thailand floods some months ago).

The Music for Ara’s Tale is right on track too. Phil managed to create the first 250 seconds of the score and I can tell you: its everything I have dreamed of and then even more.

Now lets hope my render machine is up to the task and I have a 1080p picture locked footage in 14 days from today.

Stay tuned …

ps: and this post’s title image was my first go with the cycles render engine …

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