Bits and Pieces …

While waiting for the sound and music work to continue, I use the time to work on various things to have ready for the release.

One of these tasks is to create 3D printable models of Ara and the dragon. The title image of this post shows the current state of these models. Note that this is still a render. I have yet to optimize the models to minimize the cost. The final statues will be carefully hand painted.

To keep within a manageable price range, the statues are now 7cm (Ara) and 10cm (dragon) in height. Not very big, but as the volume increases by the power of 3, so does the price 🙂

These statues will be part of a special ‘thank you’ package, which each of the team will receive.

Once the movie is released, I will see if enough interest is there, to produce a bonus package with a DVD, the statues and a full movie poster which could be purchased directly from me.

Another task that is ahead of me, is to produce a Making-Of video, covering the whole process of creation of this short from the very beginnings to its final release. This is not an in depth tutorial but more of an overview of the evolution of Ara’s Tale.

My plan is also to rent a cinema hall for a real movie premiere here in Innsbruck. If this works out, I plan to show the movie and the Making-Of on the big screen :). Lets hope the financing works out for this …

And last but not least I finally find time again to invest more time in my love for photography. My photographic handling is a bit rusted now, but I really enjoy this and are combining this with my mountain bike trips, although carrying those extra 9+ kg up the treks is quite a challenge …

As a diversion from the tons of Ara’s Tale images, see here for some impressions from my recent trips:

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3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces …”

  1. I second the comment on the dvd! It would be great to do some more in depth reporting on your workflow, the challenges of the production, maybe some key insights that you could share. Perhaps once the film is out and you can share more of the footage it would allow some more in-depth description of the production process. I’d certainly be interested in buying a package like that! Cheers.

    1. Thanks Todd.

      Doing an in depth series on the whole production process is definitely o my todo list. I am just not yet sure on how to exactly what type of medium I will be doing this.

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