The Score is Final

Phil has delivered the final score for Ara’s Tale.

Over 8 minutes of original soundtrack, fitting perfectly to, and enhancing the visuals by a huge amount.

For me the score is fantastic. Phil and I have both a very similar emotional response to the images and the whole mood. That means working with Phil on the score was a perfect match, sometimes even eerie.

There is one part especially, complimenting the climax of the movie, where when I received the first proposal, I just sat there, totally stunned. It was like watching a completely new movie.

My deepest respect and gratitude goes to Phil for enriching the movie with such a beautiful score.

Now, that only leaves the sound fx to be finished, which Mikkel is very hard working on. And looking at the work he has already done for the movie, I am very excited to hear the remaining bits. This will take yet some more weeks though.

That also means, that the long waiting will be over comparably soon …

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