Ara’s Tale Production Files Available

After a lot of tinkering and various attempts, I am glad to be able to announce the availability of the production files for Ara’s Tale.

To be able to host those files, I had to make some restrictions, which I think will have very little impact for the interested.

I have split the project into several parts:

  • base production files (1GB): everything but the textures and simulation cache files.
  • texture files (1GB): all textures but reduced to half the resolution of the real production Β textures.
  • Simulation cache files: One zipped simulation cache directory for each shot, typically ~140MB per file (total 6GB). With this it is easy to recreate a render and further compositing for a single shot.

No render outputs are packed into these files, you have to recreate them yourselves :). In case there is real interest into the full resolution textures I will gladly try to find a way to host these additional 5GB.

All these files are hosted on goggle drive. This has proved to be a working solution for the movie files themselves, so I hope this holds true for the production files as well :). If you encounter any problems please tell me.

Here is the link to the shared folders for the production files and be sure to read the _README_ first:

Base production Files

Simulation Files Part 1

Simulation Files Part 2

As I have mentioned on other occasions, having only these files at hand will not help you very much. That was my experience with all the assets from the Open Movies so far. I am willing to do a series of in depth explanations/making of’s/howto’s to bring to you the ideas behind all these setups. Some are just crude workarounds, some may be usable for your own projects.

But to be able to do this in a sensible way, I would first ask you to provide me with wishes/suggestions, what topics you would like to have covered. It can be very specific like ‘How did you do the disintegration of the dragon’ to more broad topics like ‘How is the whole project organized’.

I really hope to have your feedback on this. After 3 years of me working on this project it is now time for a little of your time πŸ˜‰

Author: loramel


13 thoughts on “Ara’s Tale Production Files Available”

  1. This file is listed twice:
    Do people need to download both files? Or are they exactly identical files?

    1. This seems to be a glitch in the uploading process. No this file is not needed to be downloaded twice. I will correct this.

      And as it turns out I have to create yet another drive account to host the rest of the 1.6 GB of simulation data.

  2. Sharing these files is an awesome act of generosity, man!
    This is another file which is listed twice, once on each “simulation files” page:

    It takes a lot of time to download these files. I think it would save people time if they could have a listing of the direct links to the files, instead of having to go to this page for every single file:
    “Sorry, we are unable to scan this file for viruses.
    The file exceeds the maximum size that we scan. “

    1. Thanks for the info about the double file.

      Providing a direct link is to my knowledge not possible. They are hosted on google drive and for all I know you have to go through this procedure every time.

      But the simulation files are really only on a shot basis, I do not think you will need to download all of them at once.

      If recreating the movie is your intention, you will face tremendous storage needs :).

    1. I have given thought about releasing the whole archive as a single torrent, but I cannot host/seed it by myself and have no idea who would be able/willing to do so. And furthermore the availability of the files would be quite limited. Once the last seeder goes offline there are no more files to download.
      Maybe I see it wrongly, but my call for help and input on this topic didn’t get much response, and the ones I got clearly voted against torrents.
      What exactly is the annoying part with this distribution method ?

      1. Well first of all, torrent is helpful for people with slow or inconsistent network, and secondly the torrents download can be paused or selectively downloaded.
        pls don’t get this wrong, i really appreciate putting your work over in open from which many can learn a lot.

  3. Oooh, production files! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I have a limited connection, so I’ll have to wait for the end of the month to download this.

    Can’t wait to dig in! Your generosity is appreciated to no bounds, especially by us eager-beavers πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Martin,
    I absolutely love your video “Ara’s Tale”! As a composer, I took your music-less version and composed a new soundtrack for it. Phillipe Rey’s music is wonderful–I just wanted to have some practice composing music to a beautiful video.

    You can find my version posted at:
    under the “Film Scores” tab. I have attributed your name and your website ( I would like to apply a Creative Commons license to it, but I am not sure of the correct license. Please let me know which type of license to apply to it.

    Thank you!
    –David Rubenstein

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