And I have again reason to open my celebration bottle of Ardbeg Single Malt. Now after almost 2 months of the release of Ara’s Tale, the movie and it’s production is again creating some fuzz.

Soon after the release of Ara’s Tale, I was approached by Ian Hall from the Foundry, who asked me, if I was interested to do a case study for Mari.

I was interested 🙂

Now, this week the article was first featured as production focus on the main site of This came as a very pleasant surprise to me.

And today the case study itself is published on Mari’s website. It is an incredible feeling to see one’s project listed on the same page with those huge blockbusters as Avatar, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Hugo …

The aftermath will last be a bit longer though, as I am submitting the movie to several film festivals and hope to get it accepted at at least a few ones. The first one will be the Suzanne Animation Festival at the Blender Conference 2012, where I plan to go there this year.

And there is still work to be done on the making-of , which will be shown together with the movie at a local cinema ( Leokino in Innsbruck) at 30th September.

These are still interesting times, but a lot quieter now than during production …

And then it will be time to let go and turn towards new projects.

Author: loramel


2 thoughts on “Aftermath”

  1. You worked a pretty long time on it alone; you deserve it. All of us readers could learn a lot about patience and commitment from you, more than production techniques 🙂

    Will you be uploading the making-of onto this website?

    Also, any new short film ideas? 🙂

    1. Thanks Milad

      I may make the making-of available. It is rather basic and targeted at the CG unaware audience, so there wont be any deep technical topics covered.

      It is more of an overview of what steps it took to make the movie.

      And it will be in (austrian) german 😉

      I have quite a few ideas for new films, but these have to wait a bit 🙂

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