A new year …



After a long pause a bit of a life sign, but not yet back to CG or blender.

I realize that it will take yet some time before I find myself the needed focus to tackle CG related projects again. There are so much other interesting things to do …, like a 4 week trip to New Zealand 🙂

While thoroughly exhausting it was a involving experience and while I was a bit handicapped ( I got sick during the trip) I managed to take some shots I am satisfied with.

I have put a small selection on display on my g+ account. Click the image below to see the images.


All the images were taken with a Canon 60D and the RAW files developed with darktable and organized using digikam. Having to wade through the 8000+ images my sister, my daughter and I have taken takes quite some patience and a good tool, which digikam happens to be.

Author: loramel


3 thoughts on “A new year …”

  1. Holy molly! really beautiful pictures. Now I want to visit NZ more than ever. I haven’t seen it at a quick glance, so I ask; what part of NZ are these photos taken?
    Best regards

    1. These pictures were taken from all over NZ. North and South island.

      And it is just a glimpse of the beauty and diversity this land has to offer.

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