Dragon Sculpt Timelapse

The days since my last post have been quite busy in regard to Ara’s Tale.

A lot work revolved around Ara’s Song. This song has always been a central piece of the movie and ever since I wrote this part of the script I dreaded the time when finally the decision had to be made who should sing this song.

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A small celebration …

… is due.

As I have just heard today, I won the blenderday award 2011. Or to be more precise, 3 sequences from Ara’s Tale got me the award.

Besides the fame and glory, the award comes with a price: a GTX 560i 2GB graphics card. Just the right stuff to tackle texturing the dragon with Mari 🙂

Ara’s Tale already scores its first award and isn’t even released yet 😉

So, now I will open my bottle of Ardbeg Renaissance ( reserved for special moments) and raise my glass to this nice surprise.

ps: for fans of single malt scotch whiskeys, this one is definitely one you should try.

The Return of the Austrian Empire …

… well, not really, but at least one of its icons may start to get more widely used.

My model of the Austrian Imperial Crown was used in showcasing a new line of research on realtime raytracing at the Advanced Graphics Labs at Intel.

As it turns out, the model seems quite good for testing these type of algorithms, and the model along with the source code will be available under an open license directly from intel.

Well, what can I say. There is nothing like seeing your model all over the place and intel using it as demonstration for their new technology.

Blender/Mari Diary #2

A bit late, but here it is. My second installment of the Blender/Mari diary, this time done as a screencast.

This video highlights the workflow I was using to enhance and repaint the texture for part of the main set ( the platform where Ara stands ). The used texture resolution/UV Layout was not high enough for a closeup shot of the cage, where the floor occupies a significant amount of screen space, resulting in a blurred render. The approach used here is to rebake the texture to a new UV layout and fill in the details inside Mari.

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Blender/Mari diary #1

I want to use this post to highlight the workflow I am using when working with blender and Mari.

To get an overall view of the features and capabilities of Mari, I advise to go to the Mari website and read through the material presented there.

I will concentrate here more on the differences between blender and Mari and how to set things up to straighten these out.

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