Colors, Colors …

Finally all render/compositing jobs are done and I have now the full 1080p footage ready.

I still do have the intermediate multilayer renderpasses for each shot, in case there is the need to revisit some compositing tasks. The storage demand is quite huge for these (a single frame typically has ~140MB) , but it already saved me a lot of time and trouble. I guess I will only delete them once the movie is eventually released 🙂

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Behind the Scenes

This is one of the rare shots from our shooting during production 😉

The render machine is running and purring and I already have 80% of the movie in 1080p rendered out. As of this writing the remaining render time will be ~48hrs.

During the course of this final rendering, all sorts of little nasty and quite unexpected problems surfaced, which forced me to tweak and investigate to force the render to be what I wanted it to be.

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Particles, particulary painful

With this post I want to summarize and share my experiences I had using the particle system in current blender 2.61.

The current production phase calls for a lot of vfx, mostly to be done using dynamic particles. I will not go into detail as to what exactly the shots are, but I think just describing the overall concepts and approaches will give you an enough complete picture.

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Glimpses at the Production

Confirmed by comments on my recent post, I will try to refrain as much as possible from displaying potential spoiler images.

As this would mean, to cease showing any images from now on, I thought I could give you some look ‘behind the scenes’ of the type of work I am mainly involved right now concerning Ara’s Tale.

This is especially for you, the small but constant number of followers of this project 😉

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Production Ramped up Again

Production of the remaining shots of Ara’s Tale is running under full steam now.

Now with the dragon finished its fun again to do the lighting and compositing for the shots.

I already had the tricks and workflow for all the shots where Ara and the environment is shown. Closeups have a completely different setup than wide shots e.g. For the dragon I had yet to find a good workflow and best practices.

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Everything that has a Beginning …

… has an end.

After 180 exciting days working with and exploring Mari, the extended demo license finally expired today.

It was a fantastic experience and helped immensely during the work on Ara’s Tale. The textures would have looked different (and my state of health too), if I hadn’t had the chance to give Mari this extensive testing.

For Ara’s Tale, there is no more texturing work to be done, so I am quite happy with it.

And I also know for sure now, where one of my favorite areas of CG lies.

And finally I like to give a big Thank You to Jack Greasley from the Foundry for supporting me and giving me the chance to work with state of the art tools.