Filehoster is entirely unreliable

The continuing incidents with my filehoster force me now to transfer my whole site to a new (professional) webhosting service.

I found out today, that the actual files uploaded to are displayed in my dashboard but are actually missing from their servers, so no blend files to download for the next days.

The site will be down as soon as I start the transfer.

Seems like I have to invest some money to get a reliable site.

I apologize for any inconvenience so far.

Hello World

This post starts my voyage into the world of blogging.

I have set up this site to have a platform to publish the results and insights of my projects and experiments. I intend give access to all the files used in the my projects.

I started today and set up my Showroom, where you can see my finished projects and if interested also download the blend files. The blend files are compressed and packed to include all the textures, which sometimes result in quite some big files.

During the packing process I encountered a problem with all the files, where static particles were used. All blend files created with blender prior to version 2.46 ( the old particle system) failed to load correctly into the new system. I do not know if I find the time ( or motivation 🙂 ) to convert all the old files to the new system.