Wacom, Mari and recent linux distributions

[Update: June 14 2011]
This is no longer needed starting with Mari 1.3v1, where the wacom detection was fixed. In fact using the here described workaround with Mari 1.3v1 and up breaks the wacom functionality.

So if you are using mari 1.3v1 and up do not follow these instructions !

[End of Update: June 14 2011]

If you are running Mari under a recent linux distribution and happen to have a wacom tablet, you certainly run into the problem, that pressure sensitivity does not work in Mari.

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Linear Workflow in Blender

While working on my current project to explore the differences between luxrender and blender I came in touch with setting up a linear workflow.

Until now I knew what it was and never found it necessary to test or use it in one of my projects. The steps involved using it in blender especially under linux seemed too tedious.

As this project was aiming at photorealism, it was a good opportunity to actually try a linear workflow.

And I have to say I am a convert now. There won’t be any serious projects done without applying a linear workflow.

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