Summer is ending …

… and so is the ( not entirely voluntary ) break in the development of Ara’s Tale.

Real life demands left only small amounts of time for my short, which I invested into finishing the texturing for the entry set and experiments on texturing Ara’s dress.

After returning from a 2 week vacation in croatia, I had the opportunity to spend the last weekend high up in the mountains and used the gorgeous weather to use my DSLR not only for shooting texture references but also to do some real photographing again.

I thought I’d share some of my shots here on this blog as well.

Inspiration for Environment

Schlicker Seespitze

This weekend I did a very nice mountain hiking tour near the place where I live. Although not directly work on Ara’s Tale, it provided me with a wealth of inspiration and vistas, which I will surely use for the environment in my short.

I took the opportunity to shoot quite a lot of photos to be used for the texturing as well as a reference for the cliffs.

Here are some additional shots from up there.

Kalkkögel 1

Kalkkögel 2

Kalkkögel 3

Kalkkögel 4